Hatter Room

Hatter Room

You can see a few art pieces, combination, ideas and sales about Curro Coronel´s hats going out directly from the atelier.
About Curro Coronel work space, into the Hatter Room no too many people get inside, for Curro is like ¨Blessed Room¨ and He likes to see this place with a exactly harmony.
The only person can disturb this place it´s him.

He cares a lot the details and the decision how he make a hats and what kind of feeling he want to show on him, to create the art pieces and get feeling from something it´s a magic and Curro like to see this magic on people face every time. The process for the hats can be hours, weeks, months and sometimes, if the exactly gear that Curro was thinking didn´t exist yet, or not match with the hat, Curro needs to create or looking for.

“Create a real thing from nothing it´s a really good feeling¨, Curro´s words.

“Curro has infused his work with the rich heritage of his upbringing in the Spanish mining town of Linares. He uses materials and processes inspired by the life of the miners and his own family. While his work feels free and organic in its form, Curro is an uncompromising craftsman, every detail has been carefully explored and considered”

Tony Davidson

Executive Creative Director at Wieden+Kennedy London

¨Cada sombrero es único fabricado de acuerdo a técnicas centenarias
y herramientas y técnicas inusuales¨

Laura Ortiz

Vis a Vis , Magazine

¨Influencia minera, sus manos tatuadas recrean el duro trabajo de esos hombres sudorosos y manchados de negro como el tizón que cada día se adentraban en el túnel¨

Esperanza Calzado

Lacontradejaen, Diario Digital

¨Una marca en la que personaje y obra se confunden¨

Mercedes Goiz,

Fuera de Serie, Periodico El mundo