Art Work

Art Work

Every single titfer is unique, handcrafted from one pattern, manufactured according to centenary techniques and tools. The world around Curro Coronel is create be him self, basically he is living the life with the admiration about different life style and following beinc self-taught person.

The principles instilled in him from the cradle, in his home he always breathed a great humor along with the admiration for any artistic movement, this together with the fact that his father and grandparents were tireless workers, singer, miners.

Curro’s memories are clouded with the hands grease from his father’s car, and that hands skin as hard as steel, his grandfather’s throat and his deep voice or the advice about how to go through life from his always tireless mother about, her son will take the right way from his humble life experience.

Art Gallery

You can check it out our artworks with a sneaky eye, closer than never.