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Here you can find things that help the designer in his personal and professional development.

Motivations, ideas and visual context for the mutation of each of its gols,  All of them have served as inspiration to create his world.

Curro has infused his work with the rich heritage of his upbringing in the Spanish mining town of Linares.
He uses materials and processes inspired by the life of the miners and his own family.
While his work feels free and organic in its form, Curro is an uncompromising craftsman,
every detail has been carefully explored and considered”

Tony Davidson 
Executive Creative Director at Wieden+Kennedy London

¨Influencia minera, sus manos tatuadas recrean el duro trabajo de esos hombres sudorosos y manchados de negro como el tizón que cada día se adentraban en el túnel¨
          Esperanza Calzado, Lacontradejaen, Diario Digital