Don´t worry about being famous or making money, the most important thing is being the best,you have to become a master of your craft, and everything else will come.”



Our ethics is based on treating everyone equally, the exclusive one is the product not the person behind.

Apologies for the pics we choose all them for different curse, one for quality bad or good, another for the situation, other for the memories, but believe us … Everything we do with a lot of love.

Thanks guys for these amazing support. We will post pics weekly from the customers, so we are open to receive any pics that you like with a Curro Coronel on your head to
We will appreciate that.

¨Una marca en la que personaje y obra se confunden¨

Mercedes Goiz
Fuera de Serie, Periodico El mundo

Hat Stories

We create hats with stories behind them, Curro loves making hats, but what he loves the most is the feeling his customers get when they first see their pieces. it is a feeling similar to that in a basketball game, with the whole stadium clapping the winning shoot/game winner.