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Micro Serie Almería

Tribute to my Grandfather (1931/2019)          Hades (New Partner in crime)

He was one of those people that they were living the life whatever they want. You had to do too many things to survive and this shit, influence to you a really cool character, to mood, the jokes, the unfinished stories, playing pool, the life knowledge, but your legacy for all of us, The Coronel Family was your voice, our sound, our songs, El flamenco. TÚ…
till the last time a saw you, I can tell you one thing, I don´t gonna give up till I get the thing you told me before you were close the eyes forever. I love you grandpa, y gracias mil gracias.

Sometimes the animals inspire you till the point that you didn´t even know,
remember… I was working in a piece and just few hours before,
I was playing with Hades and I had all my arm full of scratch and I said to myself something from my best friend Txino ¨Gato con guantes no caza¨, so in that moment I started to create a really aggressive collection with nails, rusty chains, spiky lines…,  in my opinion one of my best collections.

Tribute to my Father

Well, what can I say about my father?, He is my Hero for life and my inspiration from morning till night, In this short video I want to record his voice and song that he was singing for me and my wife in our wedding. I listen Flamenco from the cradle, and I get good judgment about Flamenco and sorry about the rest of singers but ¨When Dad sings the lights is out for all of them¨.

Diary of Hatter

Video, created in London in 2016, when all this adventure about hats, fashion, London parties and Curro Coronel brand was just the beginning.

Tokyo Experience


Cristina Zabala,
Periodista – Los 40 Principales 

¨Iba para jugador de baloncesto y acabó dedicado a la moda,
un sector que le permite expresar su filosofía de vida,
el arraigo a su tierra y su gusto por lo auténtico¨

Tulum Experience


"If opportunity doesn't knock builda fucking door".
Milton Berle.

¨Influencia minera, sus manos tatuadas recrean el duro trabajo de esos hombres
sudorosos y manchados de negro como el tizón que cada día se adentraban en el túnel¨
Esperanza Calzado, Lacontradejaen, Diario Digital

Hades and
Pandemic Times...
Almeria (Spain)


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